When do poodles stop growing?

When Do Toy Poodles Stop Growing

when do poodles stop growing

A Toy Poodle is one of the tiniest dog breeds recognized by the AKC. They are gaining popularity with time because of their cuteness, big personality and friendliness. But because they are so small in size, most new pet parents wonder how big do Toy Poodles get?

Toy Poodles are so small that when they are puppies, a Toy Poodle will fit in the palm of your hands. They are delicate and very sensitive when they are just born.

How big are Toy Poodle puppies?

Toy Poodles weigh only a few ounces when they are firstborn. But, since small breed dogs reach maturity faster than larger breeds, a Toy Poodle’s growth rate is very fast.

Since they are so tiny at birth, it requires the hands of a professional breeder to take good care of them right after birth.

When do Toy Poodles stop growing?

Toy Poodles reach maturity within a year. They stop growing in height once they are six or seven months old. In fact, Toy Poodles are almost half of an adult size dog when they are only 12 weeks (3 months) old.

A one-year-old Toy Poodle is a fully mature adult dog and will not grow after that. Once Toy Poodles reach a height of 10 inches by either to nine months, they usually stop growing.

However, this growth is only in terms of height and not weight. Toy Poodles will still expand or grow in width after they have reached their desired height. Many factors come into play when Toy Poodles are in their growing stage.

What is a Toy Poodles growth chart?

The average growth chart of a Toy Poodle is given below. There may be some variations among dogs depending on factors such as genetics, nutrition among others.

Age (in weeks)Male (weight in pounds)Female (weight in pounds)
12 weeks2 – 4.51.9 – 4.3
16 weeks2.7 – 5.92.4 – 5.4
24 weeks3.4 – 7.93.0 – 7.0
32 weeks4.1 – 9.33.5 – 8.0
52 weeks4.5 – 10.74.0 – 9.0
100 weeks5.2 – 11.74.8 – 10.0

At what age is a Toy Poodle fully grown?

Toy Poodles are considered fully grown after they are a year old. In terms of height, a 10 inches tall Toy Poodle is fully grown but will continue to expand in size. According to the AKC, a standard Toy Poodle should not be more than 10 inches tall from the ground to the shoulders. Any dog taller than this is not considered a Toy Poodle.

What factors determine a Toy Poodle’s growth?

The following factors will affect how big or small your Toy poodle will grow.


The size of a Toy Poodle will largely depend on the physical characteristics of the parents. If the parents are healthy and of standard size, then the puppies will follow suit.


Toy Poodles are active dogs and need highly nutritious food to meet their physical needs. The development of their muscles, bones, and size will depend on how well the Poodle is fed when young.

Also, since the coat of Toy Poodles is their main attraction, a nutritious diet that provides nutrients for a healthy coat and skin is essential.

Physical maintenance

When Toy Poodles are puppies, they will need all the daily physical activities possible because they are highly active. A constant exercise routine will develop stronger bones and boost their immune system and will affect the growth rate of a Toy poodle.


Toy Poodles are tiny dogs that are full of energy. They reach maturity when they are eight tonight months old and stop growing once they become a year old. Pet parents should focus on keeping them healthy and active once they stop growing.