Toy Poodle – How to Groom your Toy Poodle’s Face

Toy Poodles can be kept in all kinds of cuts depending on whether they are pets or show dogs. In this guide, we discuss some of the most popular Poodle face cuts available out there.

Before we proceed, a word of caution, especially if you plan on attempting these toy Poodle cuts at home

  • Be careful when using clippers on your Poodle’s face, especially around the eyes and other sensitive areas.
  • Scissors are the best tools for your Toy Poodle’s face cuts. But please be very careful using them. 
  • When in doubt, seek a professional dog groomer’s help.

4 Best Styles for Toy Poodle Face Cuts

Four of the most popular styles for Toy Poodles are the Summer Cut, Puppy Cut, Teddy Bear Cut, and Continental Cut.

Things you Need

  • Clipper with guards
  • Brush (soft pin brush or slicker brush)
  • Scissors – rounded, straight, etc.
  • Harness to tie your Toy Poodle.

1.   Summer Cut

This is the most popular style for a Toy Poodle. It is best suited for the summer months and keeps your pet cool. It is also easy to do at home and involves an even trim all over. Here are the steps for trimming the toy Poodle’s face:


  • Use a clipper with a 10-15 clipper blade.
  • Hold your pet’s head firmly behind its ears to prevent it from moving.
  • Gently clip the excess fur around your pet’s mouth on either side.
  • Clip under the jaw, then move on to the head between the eyes.
  • Use scissors to shape the ears by trimming off the excess fur under the ear flap. Clip excess hair growing under the ear flaps. You may use special bent scissors to strip off the hairs inside the ear canal.
  • Repeat for the other ear.

Here is a video showing you the summer cut.

2.   Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is another popular trim for Toy Poodles of all ages. It is a very natural-looking trim with an even length all over.

 However, there is no consensus among groomers about puppy cuts – especially when it comes to the length. Most groomers leave the length between 1-2 inches, but you are free to decide what length is best for your Poodle. In general, if you go shorter, you can go longer between grooming for maintaining your pet’s look.


Here are the steps for the toy Poodle puppy cut for the face

  • Brush your pet’s face with a gentle slicker brush.
  • Use a 1-in-16 guard on your clippers. Run the clipper on the jaws and area around the mouth. Do little swipes at a time to reduce the fur around the mouth.
  • Work under the muzzle below the mouth.
  • Make sure your pet keeps its tongue inside – it might try to lick the clipper, so be careful.
  • Shave off the hair around the eyes and on the head.

Repeat the cut every 3-4 weeks for an even appearance.

3.   Teddy Bear Cut

The body hair in the Teddy bear cut is noticeably short – shorter than the Puppy cut but the face and ear hair is left longer. The face should look rounded and full (like a teddy bear’s face) when viewed from the front.


  • Comb the hair on the top of the head
  • Use scissors – rest them on your dog’s nose and angle them up while trimming the hair around the eyes. Reduce the length of the hair around the eyes to bring out your pet’s expressive eyes. Trim out the tear-stained hair and scraggly strands around the face. Keep combining out the hair to remove scraggly hairs that might distort the rounded shape of the teddy bear cut.
  • Use rounded scissors to shape the hair around the jaws – give a circular look around the jaws. Make a smooth transition from the jaws to the neck.
  • Brush out the hair and round them using the rounded shears.
  • The key is to achieve a round and symmetrical look.

Here is a video explaining the teddy bear style for a toy poodle.

4.   Poodle Cut/Continental Clip

This is the classic Poodle cut. Many Poodle parents use this cut for their dogs participating in shows and competitions. It has pompoms on the tail, sides of the hips(optional), and also on legs. The shaved feet are visible. Below are the steps for the face which is easy to achieve:


  • Round off the head using clippers leaving a significant height. The head should look rounded and high like a topknot.
  • Brush the ears out and then trim the ends of the hair under the ear flaps.

FAQs – Toy Poodle Face Cuts

How do you trim a toy Poodle’s face?

Use clippers with a guard or rounded scissors. The tools you use will depend on the style you wish to achieve. Some basic cuts like Puppy cuts can be done with clippers – clip the hair evenly all around the eyes, mouth, and head to give a neat and tidy appearance.

What is the best cut for a toy Poodle?

Puppy cut, Teddy bear cut, summer cut, Dutch cut, German trim, and Continental cut are some of the best cuts for toy Poodles.

How often should Toy Poodle get a haircut?

To maintain your dog’s neat and tidy appearance, you can trim your Toy Poodle once every 2 months.

Conclusion – Toy Poodle Face Cuts

Toy Poodle face cuts, when done right, can give your dog a neat and tidy appearance. They can also prevent mats and tangles and bring out your Poodle’s expressive eyes.

We hope this tutorial helps you bring out the best in your Toy Poodle and gives you ideas and inspiration about its next look!

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