Can Toy Poodles Be Left Alone?

Can Toy Poodles Be Left Alone

Do you have a busy lifestyle but thinking of getting a hairy pooch as a companion? Are you wondering what are the characteristics of a Toy Poodle and if they can be living alone at home? If yes, then you have reached the right place!

Toy Poodles are cute, loving animals who thrive on companionship. There are other Poodle variations like the Standard Poodle and the Miniature Poodle. But, amongst all Poodles, Toy Poodles are most sensitive and love human presence.

So, can Toy Poodles be left alone? Short answer- Yes! But, make sure they are not alone for more than 2 hours. We say this because after being raised with much care and love, Toy Poodles can become very lonely when they are not around their masters.

Why can’t you leave a Toy Poodle for long?

Can a toy poodle be left alone

The natural characteristic of a Toy Poodle is to love and be loved. There are high chances of a Toy Poodle suffering from separation anxiety or isolation distress if they are regularly left alone at home for long hours.

Also, given their small size, Toy Poodles have a small urinary bladder and won’t be able to hold their pee for long. You can only leave them alone as long as they can stay without peeing or pooping.

Feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety are commonly seen in dogs who spend a lot of alone time at home. The symptoms of each differ, and you can diagnose your Poodle based on what she exhibits.

  • Isolation distress

Isolation distress is when your Poodle doesn’t want to be alone at all. They will always need a human or even an animal around them. The symptoms of isolation distress include bad behavior, excessive chewing or other destructive behavior.

The behavior is commonly seen in Toy Poodles that have had the company of other pets in the house and are suddenly all alone or those that have moved out of shelter homes.

  • Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a more severe problem, and it happens when a Toy Poodle is extremely attached to its owner. The Poodle will panic and become restless as soon as the owner leaves. They become destructive by chewing things or digging around, becoming anxious and start pacing, or start barking excessively.

If your Toy Poodle keeps following your everywhere around the house, then she may be suffering from separation anxiety when you are not home. It is important that you treat the problem first before leaving the house next.

  • Depression

Toy Poodles may undergo depression if they are left alone without their masters for a long time. If the owner is traveling or out of the house for weeks, then Poodles may become very sad and depressed.

You will notice that the Poodle doesn’t engage in daily activities, lethargic behavior, or decreased appetite, among others. Because Toy Poodles are nurtured with so much care and love, any form of detachment from the owner can make them depressed.

For how long can Toy Poodles be left alone?

As mentioned above, Toy Poodles should not be left for more than 2 hours. However, if your Toy Poodle is an adult, then leaving for 3-4 hours may be fine too. It all depends on how your dog responds because some Poodles are fine with long hours, while some cannot make it through 30 minutes even.

If you want to know how long your Toy Poodle can manage, then you can follow the steps below:

Choose a day you have to run an errand and time the moment you leave the house. In the beginning, try to return home after an hour maximum.

Once you are back home, look for any messiness around the house, or check for pee or poop on the floor.

If you notice that your Toy Poodle is looking fine or yawning when you reach, she may have probably taken a nap when you were out. 

In this way, you can gradually increase the time by an hour and keep checking on your dog over a span of a week.

 If you think your Toy Poodle is excited when you reach home and doesn’t show any signs of distress or anxiety, then your Toy Poodle is probably fine being left alone.

You can even choose to install a dog door in your door in case your Poodle wants to take a bathroom break. But there is also a risk associated with such action if your Poodle is a naughty one. They run away through the door in search of you and get lost.

How to keep a Toy Poodle happy when left alone?

For starters, you can make the farewell experience smooth but not make a big deal out of it. Instead of saying loud goodbyes to your dog, you can engage her in doing something she likes and quietly leaves the house.

Leave a lot of toys near your Poodle that are interactive and will have her attention for a long. Such toys will stimulate their brain and keep them engaged all throughout.

Most pet owners keep their unwashed cloth near their dogs before they leave. By doing so, you are making the dog feel your presence when you are not around. You may probably find your Poodle curled up in your T-shirt when you are back.

Another factor to consider is to keep your Poodle in a room that’s free from outside noises like dogs barking on the streets or honks of cars. You can leave a radio on with the recording of your voice or play some music your dog enjoys.

And lastly, leave the view from the windows open for your dog to look out and observe things happening in the outside world.


If you are still thinking, can Toy Poodles be left alone, then yes, you can leave them alone! But, it should never be for too long because they start displaying negative behaviors.

If you are taking responsibility for a pet, then you must make sure that you give as much time possible to them. You can even think of a dog day care if you are going to be out for long. 

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