Best Toy Poodle Training Book

Best Toy Poodle Training Book

Are you bringing a Toy Poodle home very soon? Great! Toy Poodles are small dogs with big personalities. They will add much joy and love into your life that you won’t regret making them part of your lives. But, this love is possible only if you and your dog form a close bond of friendship.

Bonding with your Toy Poodle since day 1 is crucial if you want to train her into becoming an obedient, confident, smart, and loving friend. Here is a quick reminder to keep the best Toy Poodle treats in stock before you begin training because Poodles love being pampered.

So, how easy is it to train a Toy Poodle? Truth be told, as easy it is to train any other dog breed! Yes, Toy Poodles can be stubborn dogs and have a mind of their own, but they are also people-pleasing. They love pleasing their owners and thrive on praises and constant attention.

Every dog has a different personality, and you must study your Poodle’s personality before training. Toy Poodles generally are active, hyper, intelligent and friendly dogs. In fact, Toy Poodle puppies can pick up basic commands very quickly.

For effective dog training, you need the best tools in hand. Get your hands on the best Toy Poodle training book, and you are sorted. Give below is a list of some of the best ones in the market that can help you get the best training skills possible.

  1. Poodle Training: Dog training for your Poodle puppy

Puppies can be a handful, but knowing how they see the world what do they like and dislike is very important if you want to understand them. This Poodle Training: Dog training for your Poodle puppy book by Claudia Kaiser does exactly that.

Claudia Kaiser is a loving dog owner whose experience in training many dogs over the years has given her great craftsmanship in training Toy Poodles. She began as only a dog owner, but her love for training grew over the years, and now she has over 20 years of experience in actively training dogs. 

She writes the book with the intention that new dog owners don’t repeat the mistakes she made when she first started. Claudia gives a beautiful insight on how easy training Toy Poodle puppies is and tips and tricks on how to make them learn faster.

The book begins by giving a thorough insight into the Poodle breed about their traits, characteristics and other crucial information. It is basically written for puppies, so you get more understanding of the basic techniques of training a puppy.

There is a full section on how to prep your home before the Toy Poodle arrives and step-by-step instructions on teaching basic commands. Any new Toy Poodle owner will significantly benefit from this book.


  • Simple writing style and easy to understand
  • Good information about the Toy Poodle breed
  • Not a bulky book


  • It mentions only the most basic commands

Toy Poodle Training: how to easily train your Toy Poodle

If you have researched dog trainers online, then you must have come across the famous name “No brainer dog trainer.” The Toy Poodle Training: how to easily train your Poodle by No brainer dog trainer is a quick guide into how to train your Toy Poodle without complicated techniques or tools easily.

The author of the book Paul Allen Pearce is an experienced dog trainer who shares that dog training is his passion. His love for dogs comes from his parents, who loved animals and taught Paul and his siblings how to care for and train their family pets and dogs.

Much of Paul’s knowledge comes as generational knowledge that was passed down to him over the years. He has many years of experience in training other dog breeds too.

The book comes with 256 pages loaded with training instructions, information on the Toy Poodle breed, and tricks on how to keep your dog happy while training. If you are a beginner, then getting this book will give you a deep understanding of the breed and how to best train them.


  • The author is an experienced and popular dog trainer
  • Easy to read
  • The information is well-detailed


  • It is more suited for beginners

Miniature poodle Training Book by BoneUP Dog training

Communicating with your Toy poodle starts from the car ride home! If you believe in that too, then this book will resonate with your thoughts and teach you on training your Poodle the best way.

The Miniature Poodle training book by BoneUP dog training is written by Karen Douglas Kane, who believes that day one of your dogs makes a successful difference in training your Miniature Poodle.

The book shares a detailed view on how to train your Poodle best and the techniques that work wonders. It begins with the Clicker Training method combined with Treat Reward Training, which is best for teaching basic commands.

From training your dog not to bark while you are on your phone to tips on socializing your dog from an early age, this book will teach you all! It even tells you about how to replace bad dog behaviors such as humping, running away, chewing, popping, and others with good behaviors.


  • It gives easy steps for faster results
  • It covers all aspects of dog training
  • Easy to read and not bulky
  • It is suitable even for other dog breeds


  • Not suitable for intense dog training

Final Thoughts

Bonding with your Toy Poodle must begin from the day you two make eye contact. A strong bond helps in training your dog easily and quickly. Dogs respond to positive reinforcements, and they love when owners make enough time for them every day.

It may be a challenge to train a puppy Toy Poodle since they can be quite stubborn at times. But, with the right techniques and tools from the best Toy Poodle training books, you will ace the game like a pro. So, go ahead and pick the book you think will suit your Toy Poodle best and begin training right away!

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