Are Toy Poodles Easy To Potty Train?

Are Toy Poodles Easy To Potty Train

Are toy poodles easy to potty train

Toy Poodles have become the second most popular dog breed in the US For many years now. Thanks to the Poodle’s friendly and calm disposition, many families are increasingly welcoming Toy Poodles into their lives.

Before owning a Toy Poodle, you must know what are the characteristics of a Toy Poodle so that you can make an informed decision. Potty training is one aspect that’s become very important when you own a dog.

You don’t want your pet relieving herself on the couch or the carpet when you have guests at home. This brings us to the next question- are Toy Poodles easy to potty train?

Well, you are in luck because Yes! Toy Poodles are easy to potty train because they are bright and brilliant than most other dog breeds. In fact, housebreaking your Poodle puppy can be accomplished in just a few weeks.

What makes Toy Poodles easy to potty train?

  • Intelligence

Toy Poodles are intelligent creatures and are quick learners. Also, they are people pleasers and love to impress their masters with their talents.

Therefore, with the right techniques and consistent effort, your Toy Poodle will learn everything about potty training in just a few weeks. You just shower them with praises and treats because they thrive on human attention.

  • Size

The small size of the Toy Poodle makes it easier for pet parents to potty train them. Unlike large breeds, you don’t need to them Toy Poodles far away from home or dig a corner for them to poop.

 Given their small size, a Toy Poodle’s poop size is small too; thus, you don’t have to worry about being in a corner in your backyard or on the street.

How to potty train a Toy Poodle puppy?

There are many ways to potty train a Toy Poodle puppy, so you can choose depending on whichever method is most convenient. Mentioned below is a list of training methods you can follow to potty train your Poodle.

  • Litter box training

Litter box training is easy and doesn’t need many resources. You can place a litter box in your garden or backyard and take the puppy to the box whenever she wants to relieve herself. When she uses the right place, you must praise her and give her a treat.

  • Bell training

Bell training method is gaining popularity because it is convenient and easy to learn with some effort. Toy Poodles are intelligent dogs, so your Poodle won’t have a tough time learning it.

You can begin by installing a training bell near the door and teaching the pup to ring it every time she needs to go out for potty. Begin by holding a treat near the bell until she accidentally rings the bell with her nose.

After that’s done, you can take her out to relieve herself, and after she’s done, give her treats and praises. That makes her associate the bell ringing with going out to the potty. It is not an easy process but is not difficult either. With some few weeks of training, your Poodle will do it on her own.

  • Pad training

Pad training is a very convenient method in the case of small dogs like the Toy Poodle. Since the amount of poop is proportional to their size, Toy Poodles can easily relieve themselves in the corner of the house without needing to go out every time.

 It is also a great option for those who keep their dogs inside the house alone for long periods. Before keeping your Toy Poodle alone at home, you must know can Toy Poodles be left alone.

Begin by is talking disposable pads in one area of the house, preferably a corner next to the door. These pads are treated with chemicals that make the dog relive on them as they sniff them.

You must use 3-4 disposable pads spread out in a larger area in the beginning, thus giving plenty of room for your dog to move around and poop or pee comfortably. You can gradually keep removing one pad at a time until only one pad is left.

 It will help if you keep a soiled pad underneath a fresh pad so that your dog knows it is supposed to use the spot. Always give a treat to your puppy when she does it correctly.

  • Training to relieve on walks

If you don’t want your dog’s poop anywhere in the vicinity of your home, then taking her out for walks to relieve herself is a good idea. In fact, it may be easier to teach your pup to relieve on walks rather than potty train them at home.

 You must always carry disposable potty bags to collect your puppy’s poop. You can take your dog out twice a day- once in the morning and then in the evening too. It is best if you take her out after meals.

Your dog should be on a harness and a leash when you are out for walks. Consider taking the same route for the first few weeks so that she knows that she should relieve herself whenever you two are out for walks.

  • Teach commands

Teaching your puppy some commands designated for potty time can be helpful too. Commands like “go potty” will let your dog understand that it’s time to go outside and poop.

 When you think it’s time for your dog to poop, then use the “go potty” command and then take your dog out to walk around for a few minutes. After she relieves herself, praise her with treats and kind words.

Potty training spray

A potty training spray is easily available in any pet store and makes a good tool during the potty training process. This spray gives your pup the desire to mark her territory when she smells it.

Just mark a spot on the lawn with the spray and take your pup near the spot to pick up the scent and potty. The spray is designed to smell like another dog, and it will urge your pup to mark her territory by peeing or pooping in the spot.


Toy Poodles are easy to potty train because they are intelligent, smart and quick learners. With the correct training method, you can easily teach your Poodle to relieve wherever you like.