12 Dangers of Christmas for Toy Poodles

Christmas is a wonderful time to spend with friends and family and cuddle with your Toy Poodle. But while the season brings cheer, it can also bring certain dangers for our little Poodles.

Here are 12 dangers of Christmas to be aware of for Toy Poodle owners (and their solutions).

1.   Shiny Ornaments/Decorations

dangers of Christmas for toy poodles, toxic for Christmas for toy poodles

Danger – We all love those shiny sparkly baubles and trinkets. But our smart Poodles also might love them enough to lick or swallow them. 

Tiny ornaments and glass baubles can easily find their way into your dog’s curious paws and tummy. Dogs are even known to eat tinsel like we eat spaghetti. If ingested, these objects could result in an intestinal blockage which may require expensive emergency surgery.

Solution –  please keep those shiny sparkly decorations well out of your Poodle’s reach and instruct kids to be extra careful around them too. If possible, look for pet-friendly decorations.

2.   Christmas Plants

Danger – Christmas is a time to bring in those Christmassy plants like Poinsettias and Mistletoes. However, these plants and their berries can cause severe indigestion in dogs. In large quantities, they can be highly toxic to your Toy Poodle resulting in drooling, vomiting, stomach ache, and diarrhea. Even the pine needles of Christmas trees can cause cuts on your Poodle’s delicate paws and mouth.

Solution – It is best not to keep these plants indoors, and if you do choose to keep them, please supervise your dog around them. Vacuum the floor daily to remove pine needles.

3.   Wrapping Paper/Plastic Bags

Danger – Toy Poodles are tiny and we must not forget that they could easily suffocate due to plastic wraps and gift wrapping paper left lying about. Ingesting a large amount of paper can lead to an obstruction in your dog’s tummy. Even the string used for tying gifts can accidentally find its way into your small dog’s stomach, resulting in intestinal blockage.

Solution – Keep well out of reach or avoid buying. Discard used paper in a sealed bin kept outdoors.

4.   Christmas Lights

Danger – Cute Christmas lights surely add cheer to the festive atmosphere. But our curious Poodles could chew the dangling wires risking electrocution. Glass lights could even shatter and their shards can be dangerous to kids and pets.

Solution – Please tape the electric wires safely out of reach and make sure your Poodle is trained in basic obedience  (like the stop/drop-it commands). Use lights that switch off automatically when damaged.

5.   Alcoholic Beverages

Danger – No Christmas party is complete without whiskey (and cream-based liquor is even more popular this time of the year). However, they can also be tempting for your Poodle to have a taste – which can result in serious ethanol poisoning. In large quantities, alcohol can even result in a coma or death in your small dog.

Solution – Keep all booze safely away from your dog’s reach. Wipe spills right away.

6.   Potpourri

Danger – Potpourri adds some love fragrance to your home, but your little Poodle is at risk of developing severe gastrointestinal symptoms if it ingests it. Worse still, the symptoms can last for days even after the ingested potpourri is passed out.

Solution – Keep well out of reach/avoid buying.

7.   Batteries and Small Toys

Danger – That lovely toy train set is entertaining to your kids but if they leave the batteries out and your little dog ingests them, it could be at risk of burns or heavy metal poisoning.

Solution – Teach children to never keep small toys and batteries within their pet’s reach.

8.   Silica Gel

Danger – Many gift packaging contains silica gel – which while nontoxic – can cause intestinal blockages in dogs.

Solution – Monitor the unwrapping of gifts. Discard packaging right away, preferably in sealed bins.

9.   Chocolate and Raisins

Danger – Many Christmas dishes contain chocolates, grapes, xylitol (an artificial sweetener), and raisins – ingredients that are known to be highly toxic to dogs. 

Chocolate is especially a major culprit resulting in the majority of toxicity cases in dogs. It contains theobromine, a known toxin that, even a small amount, can cause serious food poisoning symptoms in dogs. These include indigestion, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Solution – Keep well out of your dog’s reach and dispose of leftovers safely. Clean crumbs right away. Resist the urge to give in to your Poodle’s begging for table scraps.

10.   Cooked Bones

Danger – That lovely turkey dinner is sure to fetch you many compliments from your guests, but make sure to discard those bones safely out of your pet’s reach. Cooked bones can shatter inside your Poodle’s tummy resulting in serious injuries or digestive blockages.

Solution – Discard leftover carcasses outside in sealed bins.

11.   Onions and Garlic

Danger – these foods are great for humans but they contain compounds that can be toxic to your tiny Toy poodle. Food containing onions and garlic could result in anemia and red blood cell damage in small dogs.

Solution – Avoid feeding and discard leftovers safely.

12.  Macadamia Nuts

Danger – These can be highly toxic to your Poodle, resulting in tremors, muscle weakness, and hypothermia within hours of ingestion.

Solution – Keep them safely locked away. Instruct kids about the dangers of feeding nuts to your Poodles. Better yet, avoid buying them.

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