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Characteristics of Toy Poodles

Are you wondering about what are the characteristics of a toy poodle? You’ve come to the right page. Toy poodles are so much fun! They love people and love attention, so they are great companion dogs. If you are contemplating getting a toy poodle for yourself, you need to know what the requirements are to care for them and if you will be able to handle their temperament. 

Make sure you read this article to know more about toy poodles. We’ll dive deep into all the characteristics of a toy poodle and discuss in detail each one. Before that, lets’ take a look at their history

History of Toy Poodles

Contrary to popular belief, toy poodles are descendants from Central Asia. Their ancestors were the dogs with a curly coat, which is evident in their coats even today. Most people associate the poodle breed with France, but their ancestors were actually human helpers in herding sheep across Europe. Apart from this, poodles are also known to be excellent water dogs, so they are thought to be descendants of rough-coated water dogs.

The word “Poodle” is taken from “pudel,” which is German for “to splash” or it can also mean puddle. It was given to indicate the water abilities of the dog breed. The poodle was first used as guard dogs, as a guide, and military dog before becoming the star of many dog shows. The main reason for the poodle’s signature cut was to aid in swimming, but it soon became a fashionable travel companion for the French upper classes and at last became France’s national dog. 

Toy poodles have been bred down from Poodles to be smaller versions of this aristocratic breed. They still have the signature curly hair and can be groomed to look like the miniature version of the original poodle that is much taller and more slender. 



Anyone can spot a toy poodle from far away. Toy poodles have a distinctive look that sets them apart from other dog breeds. Their hair layer is single so that you won’t experience much hair fall. Toy poodles also come in a wide range of stunning colors, from black, different shades of yellow and brown colors to white. 

You can also find some bi-colored coats in toy poodles, but they are not common at all. The coat is dense and harsh, and primarily curly. The typical poodle clip or hairstyle is cut in a way to provide more insulation to the chest area and the joints in cold weather. Since toy poodles are not known for shedding their coats, they are great for owners who have allergies. 

Size and shape:

A standard toy poodle stands at 10 inches or even smaller in some. Toy poodles are typically square-shaped with an elegant form and a pompous carriage, and their strides are tiny and springy but quite effortless. Read how big do toy poodles get if you want to know more about toy poodle sizes.


Toy poodles typically weigh just about 5 pounds or even less, and this is why they are excellent handbag dogs to carry around. You won’t feel the weight of the toy poodle even if you carry it around the whole day. Toy poodles also love attention so that it will be a win-win situation.

Toy poodles are known for their elegance and proud from. They are also extremely clever and will outsmart any other dog breed in a given situation. You can check out the pros and cons of having a toy poodle if you plan to get a toy poodle yourself.

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